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About Advancement Funds

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Advancement Funds was founded by a team of enthusiastic humanitarian specialists. who want to create a platform that allow members of the society to create wealth for themselves by invested in the platform
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2021-04-06 14:35:48 - amusen


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Advancement Funds is a community where participants are asked to provide help to another participant who needs help and get help in return. Make 100% of your donation. Advancement Funds is here to make your life a remarkable one. Be financially free!! Advancement Funds provide help and get help, it is new, trusted, and paying fast, within 7 days. Referral Bonus: Earn more money by inviting a friend with your Referral link. 3% of what they phed will be added to your earnings and if your Referrals are up to 20 downlines you will get 2% For LEADERSHIP Royalties (Every Month) if this 20 members are constant.
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Packages we Offer

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1.₦5000 for ₦1000, 2.₦10000 for ₦20000, 3.₦20000 for ₦40000, 4.₦50000 for ₦100000, 5.₦100000 for ₦200000,
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Must obey

Rules and guide lines 1. Sender and receiver are to make contact and send a feedback to the group admin the status of their transactions and proof of payment and the confirmations are to be posted in the group chat. Note: after payment please screen shot your payment receipt if it is a mobile transfer or ATM transfer, if it is a direct bank deposit do same by snapping your deposit receipt and send a copy of the transfer/deposit to e-mail of the admin for verification and confirmation. PH AND GH TIMING FOR PHers: As regards to PH and GH timing, all PH timing is 48hrs to make payment except the PHer wrote for extension of time, or if his or her payment time falls on weekends he or she has a Grace of extra 24hrs to make payment. FOR GHers: After you have successfully PHed. Your timing to GH Starts the following day. For example if you were merge to PH today and you made payment today the recipient will have to confirm you after his or her confirmation. You start counting from the following day for you to GH, some people phed yesterday and are writing to admin today to GH them, it is not so. You have to count from the next day. Please take Note. The system does the merging. And if a participant is merged to make payment and refuses to redeem his or her pledges don't get worried Advancement Fund is responsible to do a Re-Match, just write to Advancement Fund administrator. And be patient the administrator will respond to your complaints in less than 48hrs and a re-match will be done. Remember the system can not respond to everyone at the same time. Advancement Fund is committed to serve irrespective of whatever happens. No member will loss his OR her money. YOU ALL ARE THE Advancement Fund . YOU ARE AN AMBASSADOR OF Advancement Fund.invite your friends and family members to grow the community and even earn more money. Your positive testimonies will attract more traffic to the forum and you will be rewarded for That. 5% for each referral. Think Positive, act fast and wise. Warning: Advancement Fund is not responsible for your earnings, all donations are made by members and payments are made directly to the participants who needs help, no centrial accounts, all donations are made to participants who are members, the same process is repeated until the circle is complete Assignment/Obligation Advancement Fund is Responsible/obliged to do a Re-match if a participant declines to fulfil his or pledges after been merged to provide help.Advancement Fund ADMINISTRATOR is to do the matching between two or more participants. Matching: PH and GH list will be short listed based on the numbersof PH format submitted to the Advancement Fund All payments must be made to the account details on the PH and GH list, if for any reason a participant wants to make changes on his/her account details, a notification message should be sent to administrator for verification to update the new account. Use of word after making payments: Example: I John Brown has made donation of 20,000# to Daniel Amadi, please admin take note and confirm the receipt of the payment. Long live Advancement Fund Use of words after receiving payments: Example: i, Daniel Amadi has received donation of 20,000# from John Brown, please admin take note and confirm the receipt of payment. Long live ADVANCEMENT FUNDS. Complaints 3. All complains should be forwarded to admin of Advancement Fund privately as complains to the group chat will lead to removal and the participant will be blocked. Testimony 4. A letter of happiness is to be written by every member that joins the community after providing and receiving help. Advert and promotion Member of Advancement Fund are prohibited to post any other group, platform, network or forum on Advancement Fund group chat. Members are free to invite promote and educate the public about Advancement Fund RE-PH TO GH 6.To avoid removal from the forum, members that got help (GH) are put on Auto re-pledge 50% of what they GHed authomatically so that the cycle continues. When you provide help, you will get help in return Note: GH is on a first come, first serve basis By clicking on the link below you hereby agreed to the terms/ rules and conditions of Advancement Fund
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You are here » ADVANCEMENT FUNDS ....creating your wealth